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[2002-03-05] 吴向军 对于翻译事件的回忆

Posted by woodinwind on March 5, 2002



作者:啄木鸟11 回复日期:2006-2-12 16:57:22

送交者: wuxj 于 March 05, 2002 22:16:14:

I was the roommate of Bei Zhicheng and Cai Quanqing in Beida. I witnessed the whole thing and was among the numerous people who provided help. I remembered the names of Xin Li and Dr. Aldis. Li’s website in UCLA is extremely organized and contains most of the information. All the facts in Yuan’s long article were pretty much accurate except his/her imagination about the relationship between the two daughters’ tragedy of Zhu’s family was never confirmed.

There are quite a few things that are significant in this event: Internet, telemedicine, medical accident due to the ego of doctor(s) in PUMC, murder, struggle of a devastated family, etc. In fact, the publicity of this event made Internet a household name in the early 1995. I know many people in China who first heard of Internet from this story. People from all over the country sent letters to Bei and Cai asking for medical help year after this event. However here I’d like to make some comments from a different point of view.
[ 相约加拿大:枫下论坛 rolia.net/forum ]
The courage and perseverance of Bei when facing challenges and confronting authorities. In China, no too many people have the guts to consistently question the opinion of authorities like PUMC with little medical knowledge. Getting help from Internet was easy comparing to the battles later on fought with PUMC. Bei showed sound judgment and spirit of independence. Although he didn’t finish school due to his own choice, I admire him as a true Beidaer in this regard.

The help from numerous people. Bei was Zhu’s classmate in high school and they hadn’t been in contact for years by them. Cai at that time was playing around in Prof Chen Yaosong’s lab as a Sophomore student. He provided the idea of Internet news groups and all that. 10 people lived in our room at that time. We were all astonished by Bei’s description of Zhu’s symptom after his visit to PUMC. Almost all of us were helping in this case. We sat in front of the dummy terminals in the lab downloading the responses from the Internet with a connection of 100bytes per second even in the midnight (that was early 1995) and analyzed those letters in the dorm. With several thousand responses, the analysis itself was quite a job. I was really moved by the kind of helping spirit in my room, in the lab and, needlessly to say, on the Internet. Prof Chen even gave us several hundred RMB to have a decent meal. What a nice guy! However, Zhu Ling’s friends and classmates in Tsinghua never contacted us to provide help. I remember I went to Tsinghua asking for help from her fellow classmates in one weekend when we were really short of hands. Nobody showed even a slice of interest. On the contrary, they showed clear distance from this. That kind of coldness hurt us so much. We never contacted them again. Thallium was all over Zhu Ling’s drinking glass (as I remembered) in her room. She was clearly poisoned by people close to her. The prime suspect was her classmate although never convicted. I still wonder how her roommates and classmates could live with that! This kind of feeling grew stronger over time as I understand more and more about humans. I am not really into the debate over the superiority between Tsinghua and Beida. But I have no doubt that Bedaers, not Peking University, in a sense, will always be the conscience of China.

Seven years has passed. Now I am sitting in front of my computer in an office in the Silicon Valley. I have changed a lot. However, I wonder whether the result would be different should this case happen again in China today. If some day somebody wants to make a movie or write a book about this, I would like the book or movie to be about the nature of human beings, not just about Internet, a murder case, or a medical accident.

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[1995-05-02] 朱令被确诊之后北大寻求治疗方案的信件

Posted by woodinwind on May 2, 1995


Date:         Tue, 2 May 1995 06:39:37 PST
Reply-To:     Medical Libraries Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Sender:       Medical Libraries Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
From:         Cai Quanqing <[log in to unmask]>
Subject:      infor from Zhu ling's freinds
Dear Sir(Mis):
     With the help of the warmhearted people all over the world including
you, the doctors of Zhu Ling now are sure that her illness is the
result of THALLIUM POISONING. Now a group of toxicologists are working for
Zhu through the internet with PUMC. If you want to be a member of them or
would provide any help, please call directly:
Xin LI,                           Phone: 310-825-7811
Medical Imaging Division          Fax:   310-825-7705
School of Medicine
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095
E-Mail: [log in to unmask]
Robert A. Fink, M. D., F.A.C.S.   Phone: 510-849-2555
Neurological Surgery              FAX:   510-849-2557
2500 Milvia Street  Suite 222
Berkeley, California 94704-2636
E-Mail:  [log in to unmask]
CompuServe:  72303,3442
America Online:  BobFink          "Ex Tristitia Virtus"
     Thank you very much for all you did for Zhu which have encouraged us,
friends of her, to go ahead in the endless night with you. We believe that
Zhu Ling has been the most lucky girl in the world for all your kindness
from the intenet.
     At the end of this case, we will tell you the result to share the joy
or tears together .
                                                Sincerely Yours,
                                                Zhu's friends.
                                                May 2nd,1995

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[1995-04-17] 北大继续求助的信

Posted by woodinwind on April 17, 1995

Path: condor.ic.net!news.cic.net!infoserv.illinois.net!news.nd.edu!spool.mu.edu!howland.reston.ans.net!agate!hpg30a.csc.cuhk.hk!linuxguy.pku.edu.cn!mccux0!caiqq
From: caiqq at mccux0.mech.pku.edu.cn (Cai Quanqing)
Newsgroups: sci.med,sci.med.dentistry,sci.med.diseases.cancer,sci.med.immunology,sci.med.informatics,sci.med.nursing,sci.med.nutrition,sci.med.occupational,sci.med.pharmacy,sci.med.physics,sci.med.psychobiology,sci.med.radiology,sci.med.telemedicine,sci.med.transcription,sci.med.vision
Subject: Infor About Zhu Ling's illness:from her freinds
Date: 19 Apr 1995 15:15:06 GMT
Organization: Peking Universary,China
Lines: 36
Message-ID: <3n39dq$5bj at linuxguy.pku.edu.cn>
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
Xref: condor.ic.net sci.med:82618 sci.med.dentistry:5500 sci.med.diseases.cancer:1901 sci.med.immunology:1095 sci.med.informatics:1894 sci.med.nursing:4076 sci.med.nutrition:21979 sci.med.occupational:2941 sci.med.pharmacy:8341 sci.med.physics:2879 sci.med.psychobiology:3656 sci.med.radiology:1806 sci.med.telemedicine:4859 sci.med.transcription:997 sci.med.vision:3636

Hi :
	We cannot believe so many mails we have gotten. Thank 
you very much for your generous help. Now we are busy in 
translating  them to Chinese and send them to PUMC(Peking 
Union Medical College) hospital. We are sorry that  we can 
not send mail back one by one. The following messages try to 
answer some common questions and tell you some new 
	1. The doctors still don't believe Zhu Ling's illness is  
heavy metal poison or Lyme disease.
	2. Most  of the doctors think the illness would be 
Guillan-Barre syndrome. Zhu Ling has been  in coma since 
Mar 15, The CSF was normal in Mar 12 and Mar 22, but 
abnormal in April 12. The doctors in PUMC cannot explain 
	3. We are trying to get the data that you want to know. 
We will send them  back as soon as  we get the data.
	4. We believe that using tele-medicine conference system 
to diagnose will be helpful to Zhu Ling . If you want to get any 
more information or give more help (include financial support), 
You can contact Dr. John W. Aldis, His E-mail address is:
	jwaldis at ix.netcom.com
	5. If you want to  contact with us,
You can fax to Ms. Bei Lu Ying ( 86-10-8502728),
You can also phone her ( 86-10-8502117 )at 
Greenwich Time 00:00-03:30 and 06:00-09:30.
	6. Our address is:
	32# Room 134 Peking University, Beijing, China
	PostCode: 100871
	You can send  package or letter to Mr. Liu Li.

Thank you very much
							Zhu Ling's friends
							Peking University
							April 17, 1995

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[1995-04-10] CAI Quanqing — 1995年4月发出的互联网求助信

Posted by woodinwind on April 10, 1995

原文最早发到何处已经不可考证,现在的拷贝是从google groups上取得的。google groups应该是接管了usernet的资料。



From: ca…@mccux0.mech.pku.edu.cn (Cai Quanqing)

Subject: For Help
Date: 1995/04/10
Message-ID: <3mbfii$v93@linuxguy.pku.edu.cn>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 100210627
organization: Peking Universary,China
keywords: Help
newsgroups: sci.med
summary: Please Help Us For An Unknow Disease


	This is Peking University in China, a place those dreams of 
freedom and democracy. However, a young, 21-year old student 
has become very sick and is dying. The illness is very rare. Though 
they have tried, doctors at the best hospitals in Beijing cannot cure 
her; may do not even know what illness it is. So now we are asking 
the world -- can somebody help us? 
	Here is a description of the illness: 
	The young woman -- her name is Zhu Ling -- is a student in 
the chemistry department. On DEC. 5, 1994, Zhu Ling felt sick to 
her stomach. Three days later, her hair began to fall out and within 
two days she was completely bald. She entered the hospital, but 
doctors could not discover the season for her illness. However, 
after she was in the hospital for a month, she began to fell better 
and her hair grew back. Zhu Ling went back to school in February, 
but in March her legs began to ache severely, and she felt dizzy. 
She entered XieHe Hospital - Chinese most famous hospital. In 
early March and on March 15, her symptoms worsened. She Began 
to facial paralysis, central muscle of eye's paralysis, self-controlled 
respiration disappeared. So she was put on a respirator. 
	The doctors did many tests for many diseases(include anti-
H2V, spinal cord puncture, NMR, immune system, chemical drug 
intoxication ANA,ENA,DSONA,ZG and Lyme), but all were 
negative, except for Lyme disease(ZGM(+)). 
	The doctors now think that it might be acute disseminated 
encephalomyelitis(ADEM) or lupus erythematosus(LE), but the 
data from the tests do not support this conclusion. 
	The doctors are now treating Zhu Ling with broad-spectrum 
antibiotic of cephalosporin, anti-virus drug, hormone, immun-
oadjuvent, gamma globulin intravenous injection and have given 
her plasma exchange(PE) of 10,000 CCs. But Zhu Ling has not 
responded -- she reamers in a vegetative state, sustained by life 
	If anyone has heard of patients with similar symptoms -- or 
have any ideas as to what this illness could be, please contact us. 
We are Zhu Ling's friends and we are disparate to help her.  
	This is the first time that Chinese try to find help from 
Internet, please send back E-mail to us. We will send more crystal 
description of her illness to you. 

							Thank you very much 
							Peking University 
							April 10th, 1995
  Please foreword this message to  your freinds if you think they can help
us ,Thanks advanced!




William wjia at unixg.ubc.ca
Fri Apr 21 03:26:30 EST 1995

For all, please read and forward to as many people as possible. This
person desperately needs help. The more this circulates, the better
chance that someone who knows what to do will be found. Thanks!


        This is Peking University in China, a place those dreams of
freedom and democracy.
... 后面内容同前

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